Saturday, 7th July | 12:00 – 13:00 Melbourne time 

The world has changed. We know more. Not just about ourselves. Or our immediate surroundings. Not just about our country, our continent or even our planet. Not just about the solar system or the Milky-Way galaxy in which it resides. We know more about the Universe. About what it is and how it came to be. About why it is the way it is. And about how it will evolve.

Look around you. At the people, the buildings, the cars, the trees, the animals. Look up at the sky. At the air itself. At the clouds, the sun. The stars. Everything is the way it is because of physics. Because of the tiniest building-blocks of the Universe and the way they interact with each other. Because of the Higgs “field” giving mass to some of these building-blocks and not to others. Until 4th July 2012 this field was just a theory. Seeing signs of the Higgs boson means this field is real. We know more. You know more.
Now, you have the opportunity to speak with scientists working on the frontiers of high-energy physics!

Join us for a public Google+ Hangout On Air this Saturday (July 7) at 12:00 Melbourne (AU) time straight from the International Conference on High-Energy Physics, where an auditorium of physicists will answer your questions about the Higgs boson, the Universe and everything. The session will be convened by Australia’s very own celebrity scientist Dr. Karl (

NOTE: You do NOT need a Google+ account in order to view this event. Just open the CERN G+ page, and the Hangout will appear on a video player when it is live!

To participate: Log in to Google+ and add CERN to your circles -

When the Hangout is live, we will post a link to it so that you can join. Since there are limited places, we request that you ask your question and, once it has been answered, make place for another participant.

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